I'm In A Peaceful Mood, So I'll Leave You With This

in #photography4 years ago

Feeling calm and peaceful tonight, so I'm sharing this with you, just for the beauty of it. Just for the peace.

Newport sunset.jpg

This was the end to a lovely day sailing with one of my dear brothers. One of those absolutely perfect, peaceful moments.


I would love to sail away. Seems incredibly peaceful

Makes me very happy indeed, to sail away. One of my favorite things ever.

I like Peaceful Mood man Fantastic photographyand beautiful natural I like your post thanks for sharing

Thanks so much!

This does look very peaceful and is a beautiful photo. Thank you, I now feel peaceful too 😁

That makes my heart happy. Glad to share some peace!

Thank you. Glad you like it!

There is nothing like water, and breaking thru the waves, thanks for the share.

Absolutely, water can be so soothing.

Beautiful picture!

I liked your photo too. It reminds me of Old World paintings that have those deep dark colors. Cool.

Thank you! :D

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