I'll start a photography course today!

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Good morning dear Steemies,
I'm an amateur in photography, and I think to be be a professional in some years if I'm pretty diligent. I remember the old times when I tried to make "artistic" photos with a one-megapixel camera, then applied all the existing filters, thinking it's all right. Well, that wasn't! Now I can't show such a photograph just because I deleted them all! I hope I can learn more during the course than in the past 15-20 years, when I had no real help how to use manual focus and other options on digital cameras. So I could only experiment. I slowly begin to realize that less is more! I don't have to show everything sharply, but the only essential thing!
So far, you could mainly get to know my nature photos, but this is just a small slice of photography. Not to mention that a well-captured moment about a wild animal is more exciting than a little flower.

We have great nature photographers in Hungary, among them the bare young and talented Bence Máté, who now has a road show. I hope to get to one of the exhibitions in the near future.

I have rarely photographed people in the streets so far, partly because I have inhibitions, I find myself hard to get to know and don't like to accost unknown people. That's why I'm just photographing friends who are happy to stand in front of the camera. I'm not going to let everyone take pictures of me.

One of my favourite theme is abstract photography and I also used to make photomontages.

What interests me most now is food photography!
I know this is one of the most difficult topics because the food has to be prepared before photographing and it has to look good, but at least I'll eat it in the end!

Thanks for your attention! To be continued!




Wow! That photograph makes the plant look like an octopus! Awesome 🐙

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Great Work! keep in there, photography is a new world every day, enjoy the learning, and show us more!

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