Japan Photo Blog, Vol. 74 - Delicious American Microbrews!

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biiru. "Beer."

A string of delicious, hoppy microbrews kindly picked up for me by @mslight2016st.

I haven't been too much of a beer guy as of late, but knowing that I was coming to the states, I had been looking forawrd to trying some microbrews and very hoppy, citrus-y and piney India Pale Ales, as IPAs and microbrews in Japan are still, for the most part, watered-down and, well...oftentimes, boring.

I'm here in the states now, and I haven't been disappointed.

Noon Day IPA. Definitely my favorite so far. A piney, dry-hoppy beast that left me feeling oh, so satisfied.

This Lagunitas I had up in Chicago wasn't an IPA, but was still very hoppy and delicious. Looking forward to trying the IPA today!

Zombie Dust is a microbrew from a world-famous local brewery in Northwest Indiana called Three Floyds. Beautiful, candy-like, hoppy taste.

To all the microbrew connoisseurs out there, what's your favorite? Lemme know in the comments!

(Thanks for stopping by. If you missed the last Japan Photo Blog, vol. 73: "Misc. American Impressions," you can find that HERE.)


Not that well versed in the local beers yet but I'm planning to try out all of them this year as I'm really into unpasteurized quality beer! Looking forward! :)
Those beers look mighty nice I must say...


Photography says how delicious American Microbrews! Thanks for your share !

Citradelic is my favorite. New Belgium is the brewer out of Fort Collins, same company that makes fat tire. Those lagunitas are delicious and on par with Bells Two Hearted. Can’t forget about Deschuttes Fresh Squeezed either!!

Two Hearted another fav!!

lol making recommendations is so hard there are so many good beers!!

Odells has some good ones as well and usually pretty easy to find.

Lagunitas have great beer!

I am going away but time does not allow it, what should I do

Great photo shot dear, it's very good
Thanks for sharing


Fruli is a popular beer in the UK, have you tried that.

Delicious dear thanks for sharing happy new year

Cheers for new year. But I don't know about it, never tried drinking. Enjoy your day.

Have a nice and successful year

like your good food photography job.

Que genial, me gustaron mucho las botellas amigo, happy new year!

If you are looking for American style craft beers (Hoppy) in Japan then Thrash Zone in Yokohama is where you should head - probably the best craft beer we had in Japan, certainly the best hop forward craft.

Love Lagunitas! Good stuff, American microbrews are really taking over the beer world.

(source: giphy.com)

What state are you in? I will see if I can lead you on the path of even better beer.

Nice choices! Lagunitas is one of my favorites, they have a seasonal Little Something 'Extra' that is sooo good.

As a couple others mentioned where about in the States are you at, either way their is bound to be some great local breweries featuring these styles as it is currently so popular.

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