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We often forget to enjoy present moments while planning the future and/or looking back. I tend to do the later one often while writing posts here on Hive.


Some of you might be wondering when I’ll run out of my photos from Slovenia 😁 I have been quite busy with my work recently so I haven’t taken the time to go out much and take any photos in the city of Edmonton.



I am still planning to go out and catch some early fall photos in the next weeks. I have to before snow falls and tries to bury my happy summer memories.



As for today, I will visit a friend I have not seen for a couple of months. We have a lot to catch up with. She is not on Hive so she hasn’t seen any of my photos yet.


I hope you made the most of this summer. I know a lot of people that have not because they are too scared of the current COVID situation.


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