No Snow November

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Yesterday we went on another walk near our home. It was our first time being there since it’s a well known dog park and we don’t have one (and I’m not a fan of random dogs running around me).



It was windy for the most of our walk. The nicer part of the path was the one leading us through the forest because the wind didn’t get to us that way. Once we got closer to the bridge the wind was much stronger and we spend the least amount of time there.


This bridge was very interesting and different than most other bridges, which made me look it up online after the walk.

I learned that it is the longest stressed ribbon bridge in Canada and second longest in the world after a bridge in California.

According to Wikipedia, the surface of the bridge consists of 86 precast deck panels, each being approximately 2.64 m long and 5.3 m wide. The panels are held by 162 individual steel cables that are anchored on each side of the bridge. The bridge cost C$24.5 million!


The ice floating down the river made me think about how lucky we are, having a wonderful November without snow. Also, it reminded me that I need to accept the fact that snow can come any day now and is here to stay.


We plan to move to the other side of the city in two weeks and probably by then the snow will already be here. It’s not the ideal time to move, although the rents are cheaper when moving in winter. At that point I won’t care what weather it is because I’m very excited for us to move and find some new parks and paths to explore going forward.


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