Approaching Thanksgiving

in #photographylast year

Three photos and three observations for you on this beautiful Friday morning.

Geese are all prepped and ready to travel south. They are not the only ones feeling the cold. We are already having mornings below zero degrees Celsius.


It’s good geese don’t have to use gas for the travel. Would you just look at the current gas price in Edmonton. Things are getting more and more expensive. I need to seriously consider moving closer to my work!


But hey, I am also looking forward to the long weekend. It’s Thanksgiving time in Canada and there are still a lot of things that come to mind which make me very thankful.


Happy Friday 😊


Wow morning below zero degree Celsius,what an amazing climate experience:) we are here in above 18 degree Celsius:)
Thanks for sharing morning below zero degree Celsius blog w/ steemit subscribers


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