November Snow ❄️

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

Today I took my first snow walk. After bragging a couple of days ago how snow is nowhere to be seen and how we’ve had great November weather so far, the harsh reality snowed down on us and we have to adjust to the idea of it.


It was only -6 degrees Celsius at noon so I headed out to get some sunshine. My workplace unfortunately doesn’t have windows, so it’s really hard to know what is happening outside. Also, driving to work in the dark and leaving in the dark leaves me no option but to go out at least for half an hour during my lunch break.


Yesterday, I skipped my lunch walk because we were having a snow storm. It was awful, everyone was late for work. There was so many trucks, cars, and even a school bus, in the ditches and on the sides of the road.



Beautiful Shots:)

Very beautiful but too cold for me to have a walk!lol

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