The Architecture of Downtown Pittsburgh

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1 PPG Place (Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company), the largest in a series of six PPG buildings around the city.

The architecture of Pittsburgh is quite beautiful. I'm in town for a conference (more on that later this week), and took a day with mktom79 to explore the city. It's very interesting, and it's rare to see two buildings in the same frame that look even remotely similar. I've tried to include basic information about the building below each photo, and will update the missing ones when I have time in the near future.

All photos are taken with my LGV20 phone, and I'm very pleased with the quality. Virtually no editing (other than rotation and minor exposure adjustments) on any of these. Phone features two rear lenses, a 16mp f1.8 lens (78 degrees) and an 8mp wide angle, f2.4 (135 degrees). This is my first go 'round with it. Enjoy!

[Reposted due to issues with thumbnail not displaying properly]

20170609_081822_HDR (2).jpg
St. Mary of the Mount Church


20170609_093635_HDR (2).jpg
Allegheny County Courthouse

The Frick Building

20170609_115859_HDR (2).jpg

A partially successful vertical panorama of the PPG Building.

20170609_142603_HDR (2).jpg



My rental for the week.

And finally, the Pittsburgh Skyline from Mount Washington on Grandview Ave, just a minutes walk up the street from where I stayed.

What do you think? Have a favorite?

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I think your rental for the week actually looks pretty nice! :)


Yeah, it's great! Heck of a view.