🌼 Spring moments on a way to work

in photography •  last month

Must admit that this is my favorite time of the year.
Those colors and fresh green appears only in this time of year.
Have you notices that leaves on trees have some incredible shade of green, so fresh, you can't see it again when leaves fully develop on branches?

Here is tree I noticed several days ago on my way to work.
Couldn't resist to take a photo of it.

IMG_20190315_080118_4 (1).jpg


Enjoy spring if it came to your place :)

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Love that beautiful soft green of spring very much as well. Saw lots of it popping out in Balgrade those past days, when I was there for the exhibition.

Surprise of the evening for me was to finally meet you for real. Micro steemit meetup ;-)


:) We even have a love song performed by one our famous singers and it's called ''April in Belgrade''. It sings about beauty of April in our town and memories of one love happened in that season.
I am so happy we met, and looking forward for new meeting :)
It was great evening, this kind of events are so rare in Belgrade, meaning being performed and organized in this high level as Gorazd managed to perform.

I adore Spring as well @jungwatercolor Ours is a bit late here this year, which is good as I've only got back to Toad Hall a bit ago, and the daffs are just starting to make buds to flowers and my vines on my pergola are just making buds too. It's a wonderful quiet time of creation.

How have you been?


Yes, those moments with buds are precious too :)
Thank you for asking, I am bit hit with spring mood, sleepy all the time, but so busy lately with some things that are keeping me away from painting.
Hope soon everything will come back to normal so I can get back to my art.