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I still remember my first impression when I saw the Jurassic park movie. I went with my family. My wife and my two children. All of us were petrified. But you know what? I recently visited the science museum at the university of Oklahoma (OU- Norman ) where one of my sons just obtained a Ph.D in geology.

I was really petrified!!. But let's the photos speak by themselves because I could be exaggerating.

Only its head and the span of its chins is twice my size

Here we can appreciate another really impressive angle


let's see other animals and fossils from this incredible age of great beasts that the creator made



I was so shocked that I forgot to write down the name of these humongous animals

As you can see, this is the head of the most feared dinosaur ( Tirannosaurus Rex )

If the femur measures more than 6 ft ... imagine the size of the Tyrannosaurus

Look at my shadow behind the claw of this dinosaur ( Saurophaganax ), as you can see, it's more than half my size

Apparently, this one did not have the opportunity to reach its full size, perhaps due to a volcanic eruption


Ladies and gentleman the most awaited photos of this post



Well, here we say goodbye living a short video to appreciate the real size of a giant herbivore.

The Sauropods


All the pictures and the video were taken with an Iphone SE in Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. Norman OK, EEUU.

I dedicate this post to all Steemit community


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Wowwwwwwwwww! It's like living Jurassic Park or what happened.

yes, my bro It was really so amazing

Wow. Esas fotos están espectaculares. Genial experiencia 😉😉

Si mi hermanita es increible, pareciera que estuvieran vivos

wow my friend what an extraordinary experience, I could know the attraction of jurassic park in florida orlando and it is extremely excellent.

I am going there in June 15
I hope enjoy it
Thanks brother

Genial amigo @julian.alejandro hermosas fotografías bendiciones!

Mi talentosa Lorey
Es una experiencia increíble ! Crees que están vivos