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I read the terms of service of each page and all require the mention of the author, using a srcipt provided by the page or a link to the profile of the photographer and the page.

© Sarah Klockars-Clauser for

It is a bank of images that offers its images for free for personal, commercial and educational uses, as long as you give the credit of the images to the author through a script that is provided by the page.

© Michael Jastremski for

It is a bank of vectors for personal and commercial use, while the vector is not the main theme, and with the mention of authorship through a script provided by the page.

Logo vector designed by Freepik

It is a bank of free images, with the mention of the author by a cript provided by the page.

Crédito de la imagen: Reggae Background from

This bank can be used for personal or commercial, as long as the author is cited if there were no changes made to the image, the author's name and the page must be cited.

image AcrylicArtist of

[image1](© Sarah Klockars-Clauser for

[image2](© Michael Jastremski for

[image3](Logo vector designed by Freepik)

[image4](Crédito de la imagen: Reggae Background from

[image5]( AcrylicArtist de

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