Sons of Medusa

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They say, although I do not know if it is true but just in case I cross my fingers, that Medusa's blood circulates through the veins of the sculptors - to whom the jealous Hera gave the gift of turning everything she looked at into stone - and that for happiness circumstance, they are all born predestined to mold the stone until bordering on perfection.


A good example of this would be Auguste Rodin, who is said to have had the extraordinary faculty of molding marble with the same subtlety with which children begin to develop their artistic abilities, transferring fantasy to a piece of modeling clay.


But despite being born with the genes of Medusa, not all sculptors achieve fame and some even comment that, like Dr. Fausto of the famous medieval legend, to be noticed, they sell their souls to the Devil.


It is known of all that pacts with the Devil do not usually go well, especially since success, like life and dreams, is brief - a frenzy, an illusion - and there are people whose vanity is so great, how little their worth, that when the crucial hour arrives they try, by all imaginable means, to miss their commitment.


That is why, it is said of this source - although I am not very given to believe all the urban legends that they tell me - that inside the three bronze frogs that crown it, the souls of a sculptor and his two apprentices are imprisoned , who, envious of a sculptor who had achieved a certain recognition based on his effort, good work and perseverance, made a pact with Diablo and, not wanting to fulfill it, he, who, as the saying goes, knows more as an old man than a devil, justice was served.


Whether or not it is true, I do not know, but I do know, instead, that the one who plays with fire, sooner or later, ends up burning himself.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.


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5 de abril de 2019

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