That happend with Pablo Escobars Comuna 13 distric until today [Photography]

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

It's been a few years since there were bloody fights and gunfire in the Comuna 13. It was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Medellin where the cartel of Pablo Escobar was located.

Today the Comuna 13 is an artists' district. The graffitis on the walls of the houses still tell the stories of that time.

I was on the road with my camera in the neighbourhood and took some great graffiti shots.

Here are my photos, that's what it looks like today.

// German - Deutsch

Es ist einige Jahre her, da herrschten in der Comuna 13 noch blutige Kämpfe und Schießerein. Es gal als eines der gefährlichsten Viertel in ganz Medellin, wo sich das Kartell von Pablo Escobar aufhielt.

Heute ist die Comuna 13 ein Künstlerviertel. Die Graffitis an den Häuserwänden erzählen noch die Geschichten von damals.

Ich war mit meiner Kamera im Viertel unterwegs und habe einige tolle Graffitis fotografiert.

Hier meine Fotos, so sieht es heute dort aus.



















Which Graffiti do you like most?


Very good post ! I really love street art !!!!
🎀 flamingirl 🎀

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i really wanna make photography my thing. i like it and i wish i could venture into it

yes @ewuoso do it! it is such a nice feeling to be creative and shoot awesome photos!

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yeah that's pretty awesome! :)

It's rather rare that people are into graffiti lately, it's being widely banned by the government to protect property owner. You should really visit Australia, Melbourne if you're really into it.

Check me out perhaps @explorernations ? I am food and travel blogger

I agree. Graffitis could be so nice. And if you even know the story to the graffiti it's much better. I will have a look on your account.

I'm photographer as well and I love the way you capture the street vibes. Great job man :)

thanks, that's so good to hear that by another photographer. I will have a look what you do.

My favorite is the elephant, but all are amazing! Thank you for sharing! I am also a traveler, so I will be definitely following you! Have a wonderful time @jssdigital! Keep traveling!

Thank you @alexandraioana26 .. nice to hear. I will definitly show more awesome photography from my travels.

Really cool shots. My favorite grafitti was the one with two guys and a parrot on the shoulder.

Thanks, @bescouted !! Yes, the one with the two guys is a good one. I had a bit the issue that the car was in front. But I think that makes the graffiti even more interesting with the surrounding.

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nice pict good graffity
@kupi like your post

I love graffiti, grew up with it around me, as I used to be a hip-hop DJ, upvoted and following!

hey @theexplorer thank you so much!

No worries dude, the photos are sick!!!!! I love graf and these photos remind me of my hip-hop days!

The elephant complete its a wonderful grafitti... I have so many photos there

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