Weekend Photography # 2 - Portugal, Serra da Arrábida Natural Park + Praia do Magoito

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Hello Steemians ,

This Saturday i woke up earlier and went on a small walk along with my parents and aunt near Quinta do Rêgo de água.
This is located in middle of the Arrábida Sierra on a road that follows from Palmela up to Setúbal.
It is quite beautiful and peaceful and the nature is strong there , you can easily see boars, foxes and several types of birds. I don't go there so often, but i will try to. There are many roads that take you up to places with such beautiful sights.

Here are some shots taken on Saturday



After that i went to have a pre-easter lunch with my girlfriends family near Sintra, nothing to show here, but after that we went on to Praia do Magoito to have a beer and enjoy the view. It was sunny but a little windy


And that's it this was my entry for my own Weekend Photography series eheh


Started the Weekend Photography series a while ago see them here:




Beautiful and gorgeous pic dear

Thank you so much! Portugal is beautiful!

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Uou!! Que lugar maravilhoso

Qual a Serra da Arrabida? ou Praia do Magoito? é que são dois sitios diferentes um fica em Setubal e o outro em Sintra.
O que conheço melhor é a Serra da Arrabida, as praias são top!

Bonitas fotografias! Segui-te e votei! Sou nova aqui e estou admirada com o facto de pudermos falar português, quero muito começar a publicar na minha língua mas ainda não sei por onde começar ahah