The First Monthly Columbus Steemit Meetup - the ART Sculpture

in #photography6 years ago

I've been on Steemit for several months now. I did it on my own for a while before mentioning it to @yumyumseth and @aweber. I knew they would be great fits for the site because they're constantly putting out awesome content and always have clever things to say about it.

I met Seth and Andrew (we call him Weber) eight years ago now at Rosedale Bible College. I was instantly friends with Seth but Weber and I really didn't like each other for a couple months. Obviously that changed pretty quickly and we've been great friends for years.
The three of us lived together for a few years back while we were single and had some awesome times playing FIFA and COD together. Andrew and I once recorded our FIFA record against each other and after 30 games we had equal wins and zero goal difference. The three of us in various combinations have shot weddings together, we make a great team!

For this meetup we went to downtown Columbus with lighting gear to take portraits. I got this shot of Seth standing in front of the famous Columbus College of Art and Design ART sculpture. The snow was coming down hard and we were able to light it up nicely.

Here's my shot:

And here's the group! (Andrew, Me, Seth)

Join us next time and check out @aweber and @yumyumseth and their meetup photos!


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I adore your shot wow looks magical

Great stuff, I want to try get something like this running in London. I have a studio in Brixton that would be perfect to host meet up events but need to find the community first. Perhaps there’s a Londoners hashtag I’m totally missing!

It's not that I didn't like you, I just didn't care about you.. That's better right? :) really digging that picture of Seth. Caiden asked if he was in outer space.

I'm excited for the next one!

I didn't like you.

Well that changes things now!

so beautiful dear keep it up I follow you and upvote you thanks for sharing

My buddy lives in Columbus. If I come down and visit him we should meet up. I'm in Michigan.

Great job guys,hoping that there's more meet ups for the new informations ideas ,tactics and more for the newbie.Congrats

nice pictures; especially the one where you three are all smiling lol; do you mind sharing the name of the camera or device you use for your shoots?

Thanks! These were taken with a Canon 6d.

alright thank you.

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