An Early Morning Walk In Pittsburgh - Cellphone Photography

in photography •  2 months ago


I took this photo one my way to work with my OnePlus 6T and did a little editing with the Snapseed app. It was about 7am EST and the light levels were not that great. However when shooting in "pro mode" with the 6T's camera app and saving the image in RAW we are able to get a great image no matter the lighting condition.

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What are you're thoughts on the OnePlus 6T. I'm in need of a new phone but I'm having a hard time justifying the price given that most are designed to be 2 to 3 year devices at the most.


Your best bet is the OnePlus 6T for sure. Great price and amazing specs. I had the OnePlus 3T before this and only upgraded because tmobile has a 50% off deal with a qualify trade in. I fully expect this to last well past two years. The OnePlus 3T was a champ and even after two years of use it was not slow nor did the batter die fast. As long as OnePlus can keep this kind of quality up for about half the price of the most popular devices, I'll be buying their's forever.

That’s a little spooky, @jrswab. I could see it being a nice story contest writing prompt!


A writing contest is a cool idea! I may have to think about that.


I retesting photographs make great prompts!

A good picture.
I'm not surprised by the image though.
For I am a fellow Pittsburgher.
(I'd say yinzer but I never developed the habit of saying yinz. lol)


hahah, I never developed that habit either.

Well bend me arrow and tell me nothing.
That’s a decent picture, can even read the license plates.

Hey there.... are you exchanging Steem for Smoke ? Got a message on Facebook saying that you are ????


Nope. Just sending it out to pay for servers I run.