Steemit! Intoducing My New Pet Fish! Catnip and Snape!

in #photography5 years ago (edited)

I have been a fish dad my entire life. In September, my beloved Sebastian Bach, aka sea bass, moved on to the next life after six happy years together. The tank was empty until this week and I found this pair at my local aquarium store.


They are buddies and need to be close to each other when they spooked!

They are seem to be settling in nice to their new pad. They like to play together in the features like plants and the log.


I am happy to have new fish. Fish tanks are art, but it takes a little work learning how to make a healthy environment for fish. I hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoy watching this little two swim together.


Beatiful fish. I love building my fish a new city everytime I clean the tank.

Thank you! I like setting up new tanks. I am thinking of doing a giant glo fish tank.

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