Bajá del Gofio

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La Traía del gofio y el agua, also known as Bajá del Gofio, recalls one of the many historical-cultural traditions of the Canarian people and that, in this case, refers to an ancient tradition of the Villa de Agüimes that throughout the years has derived in the act more awaited of the celebrations by its cheerful, casual and traditional character.

It recreates an old and customary custom of the post-war period when the neighbors of Agüimes moved to the outskirts of the town, to the area of the Mills, to bring the millet to be roasted and ground. Once the gofio was obtained, it was transported in beasts or with the sack on its back, together with the water collected in pots from the ditches, fountains and public pillars, with the last purpose of the necessary domestic use.

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