#Foodphotography: DOUBLE CHEESE MARGHERITA PIZZA | Food Lover

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Howdy All Steem Family!

I hope you all doing well. @josh92 is here again with his photo bucket. So, yesterday I with my parent went to a restaurant called "SAM PIZZA HOUSE" to try some good PIZZAS (As a Food Lover I really LOVE Pizza, especially Margherita with extra Cheese).

Ingredience - It has Paneer with Makhani Sauce, Red Paprika, juicy fresh tomatoes, yellow bell pepper & sprinkled with exotic herb.

The Price is INR. 450 for 2 Medium size Pizza but Trust me It's Worth it.

Here are some of the Sneak peak of the dinner dishes. Let me know which is your Favorite Pizza in the comment section.

Pack 1 food 52.jpg


Pack 1 food 53.jpg


Pack 1 food 54.jpg


Pack 1 food 55.jpg


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Hey @josh92, i hate you because you are eating my favorite Pizza without me. I love this Pizza and your passion for foods.
Plzz keep your support for my blog and don't miss to comment and upvote my blog.
Bro @josh92 keep writing awesome blogs like this. love and support by @vikas4233

ohh yes @josh92 this is looks like that pizza i want to sell you for the cost of 10,000 BTC, so plzzz give me my Bitcoins...
hehehehehe.. #pizzaVSbitcoin
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Ohhhh wowww it's looking very delecious and yummy... i love pizza...

Looks yummy 😋

good halth

@josh92 it looks so yummy bro. I wish i was there with you ha ha

pizza proved to be the top motivator

Wow this pizzas are just yummi

i love pizza....

Nice pizza..I do not eat fast food, but I can not live without pizza.

Mouth Watering Post.

Lovely pictures make the food more delicious
Great clicks brother

hey pizza is one of my fav fast food. thansk for such amazin post.
i really want to learn how you managed to grow so quickly on steemit ?
If you are free please have a look at my profile and upvote my content.
I have also sent you friend request on facebook.

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@josh92 Yummy... Amazing now I'm thinking about, Let's order a pizza! Pizza Calling!

I think you are distracting many people from work with your artical

@josh92 DOUBLE CHEESE MARGHERITA with cheese burst is my favorite.It's Delicious.


Mine also

Love It.. Yummy Pizza.. @josh92
Also check my post @crypto.update

This my favourite pizza . whenever i go dominos or pizza hut i only order this with cheese burst filling.

keep growing

What a mouth watering post @josh92

whenever i go to dominoes i order Margherita its yummy

bhai village se belong karta hoon aaj tak kabhi pizza nhi khaya hai .ek bar bata pizza ka swaad kesa hota hai

That's yammmi really also you find it in italy but test is ours best

Loving It

Mouth watering post
thank you bhai

@josh92 How you got idea to write about Pizza's and accumulated good amount ?


Consistent Work, Original Content and I just bought Upvotes from Whales.


How you bought upvotes
I mean will you help me to understand!!

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Mouth watering bro... abhi khana padenga...

IT looks so delicious!! Nice photography. Valuable posts.

Water in the mouth wow yummy.....bro pls send me also....by the way it looks more beautiful clicking by you

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six.

wow my mouth started watering . its a lunch time and you postedd such a blog . i am odering this now ... hehe thanx for this @josh92


Welcome mate.


do same for me bro

whenever i go dominos or pizza hut i only order this with cheese burst filling


I have up-vote you please up-vote me as well
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