Little Girl Thought Bride Was The Princess In Her Favorite Book

in photography •  9 months ago

It was just the beginning of a beautiful day for both bride and toddler who crossed paths on such a special day.

Credit: Stephanie Cristalli

As Shandace Robertson and her husband were looking for places outside their wedding venue to take some memorable pictures, a toddler thought she was in the presence of her favorite princess and the bride did not disappoint the cute little one.

Shandance Robertson, may have been mistaken for a princess, but her actions showed that she truly is a queen without a crown.

I can only imagine the feelings running through her husband as he watched his bride being so graceful and warm to the toddler.

According to the child's mother, her favorite book for the week was ‘Woman in White’ by Wilkie Collins.

“The day is really busy and you’re running around but to take three minutes to say ‘hi’ to her and give her a hug, it was one of the best most moments of the day,” said Robertson. “I was just beaming for the rest of day and talking about it for weeks after that. My heart was just overjoyed.”


You can check out more pictures of this beautiful princess on her special day in the link below. The second link is to the article.

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That is super cool. I wish I had the patiance to make a book.

wow! amazing photography, specially baby is so cute.., looking so nice, thanks for sharing...

Awwww... This is so sweet as it is beautiful

I'm just imagining the joy in the heart of the little one, getting her dreams fulfilled.

Kudos to the bride. She did good

This story just warm my heart.


Same to you

Children are purely innocent.
A glimpse of that <3

good photography

Excelente labor.

I just can resteem your post.
Cause this so cool post, not different, What of all, nice

Fantastic photography

A beautiful woman in a flowing dress, must be a princess. A real, authentic princess, walking down the street. @ironshield

This story is so cute and nice. I can only imagine this little girl being so happy and this bride being so kind and unselfish.😍

That's a beautiful moment, with such innocence and humanity at work in a single image. It gives you such a sense of hope in what can sometimes feel like a rather adversarial world :)