The Power Of A Sunset

in photography •  2 years ago 

I took this picture on a fishing trip with my dad now i was feeling down this day and even fishing which i love couldnt bring up my spirits.
After a long day of fishing i just wanted to leave and go home and relax but my dad wanted to stay so we stayed. As it got later and the sun began to set as i was watching it minute by minute my spirits began to rise. So much that i took out my camera and took this picture. I wanted to share it with everyone in case your having a bad day or losing hope.
Heres is a poem that the picture inspired:

Surrounded by darkness the moon shines bright
So do the stars with all their might
When a Phoenix dies
Another one will rise
For at night when you hear a twitch
You can have light with a flipof a switch
So next time you need to cope
Just know theres always hope
For you are not alone
Our spirits alike are sewn

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