Autumn Ascertainment || Shenandoah National Park : The Skyline Drive


A Beautiful Autumn Day After A Light Snowfall:


After a dreary Sunday, just staying inside watching football all family felt the urge on Monday morning to get out and enjoy the full emergence of Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


First time in my life that I've seen a tree still holding a few apples while snow's resting on the branches. My brother @spaceiscool took a hooked stick and threw it up to knock down an apple. We all tried a piece and it was delicious like an apple you would use for baking a pie. I could still taste the crispness of the chill from the night before.
06.jpgThis tree was also in the proximity 03.jpg

More trees that I liked the look of 07.jpg13.jpg

The snow that created some amazing contrast 14.jpg23.jpg15.jpg08.jpg

Here are some more gorgeous views that I had the privilege to be in the presence of 05.jpg16.jpg

Here's a bonus macro shot that my dad asked me to take!


That's awesome seasonal capture :)

Thank you....I've definitely been very keen on the seasonal changes here on my website:

Lovely autumn colors! I absolutely love the shot of the orange tree, that's autumn explained in one photo! Great job! If you like take a look at my pictures! Cheers :-)

Thank you for your mom absolutely loved that tree. I will check yours out for sure.

That's great!

@heart0048 Upvote & Comment your post now. I think you will be back soon.