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Got my coffee and while checking today's weather it looks like its going to be another hot one at 94°f so I have two choices go early in the morning or late at night, I'm up now so early in the morning it is! I step outside and walk down the path and as always I hear strange sounds in the bushes, you know how when you're walking down a path and the creatures like to follow you? I'm sure its normal so I keep walking down to the lake to see that beautiful view and right as I get down to the water I see the sun burst out beyond the mountain hills! Wow I say to my self as I'm snapping away shots with my camera!

I took a few more shots and started to walk along the lake side when I spot some litter so I pick it up to put it and notice some text on it that read "Don't be a litter bug" I thought to my self how ironic and tossed it into the recycling bin. I seen a few others who pick up trash that others leave behind and the lake has people who do that as a job and they do it well however somethings do get missed so people like us tend to that when we can. It's not a club or anything, just something some people around here do I guess.

I would love to see a deep layer of fresh sand put around here as beaches I think that would draw in more people put in a few valley ball nets and whatever else people want on the beach. It brings in more money and that means it's better taken care of. Also a better trail would be nice as some of the hills get so step that you are using your hands to climb up the path. With all that being said what a wonderful view. I hope tomorrows is just as great and well we shall see and until than we will continue yet another day and another photo of the sun rising.


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terrible sound in the bushes!
is not it exciting?
I like the perfect photo and the adventures you've lived there. congratulations my friend

Hey thanks @artizm, Yes sometimes it makes you feel like you want to run LOL but yes I figured it was just some critters messing around keeping an eye on me as I walk down the path.

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Beautiful shot, I love rugged beaches!

Thank you @vtravels, You know I find some awesome colored and shaped rocks along that beach. It really is a great place to spend time away from everything and just put your attention to something else.

Yes for sure, I wish we had a beach somewhere close, we live in the middle of the UK, so the furthest you can get from the beach! So we have to live with lakes... I guess it could be worse!

To me lakes and oceans give different values but both great places to be at. If I could live at both places at once that would be the best place to be at in the world. I would spring out of bed every morning saying YESSSS lol :)

hahaha me too!! I think just being near water has a relaxing effect!

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