My Prom Photos

in photography •  4 months ago

I'm scrolling through my Facebook pictures...

Just to find some memories.

And get back in those times...

When everything was easier.

My next chapter is my prom photo.

Picture sources: my Facebook site

I don't why I only have one of it.

Brother might have erased them from my computer...

Or something like it.

Nothing comes in my mind, but I remember I had a lot more photos.

By the way, I am the guy in the top row...

5th from the left side.

Oh, I loved my suit, lol.

I wear it so rare nowadays.

I used to wear it on my gigs, but I didn't put it on for months now.

I think I will try it on tomorrow...

Just to see if it fits me well.

I can't wait to have a reunion with these guys...

Even though I see most of them pretty frequently.

I was on a drink with 3 of the guys from the picture actually.

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I have a gig in 3 days, so I'll try out my suit again.


It's tomorrow.


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nice photo..

Nice pic... really beautiful 😍
looking like a family.

Thank you dear friend 💗 very beautiful...🌷