Carnivorous plants! (Venus fly trap and more)

in photography •  last year 

If you follow me you already know I have 3 venus fly traps and 1 pitcher plant.

These are both plants that gather minerals by eating bugs that fall into their traps.
A few days ago one of my friends accidentally tripped on one of my pots and both my baby venus fly traps and baby pitcher plant fell out. I immediately put them in new pots and tried to salvage them the best I could. Luckily they both look like they will pull through. They didnt take much damage beyond being derooted.
The medium sized and large venus fly trap are looking better than ever.
They have really started getting used to their new homes, creating all sorts of new mouths to feed!
If you are interested in the progress of these plants, follow me @johnroomusic for more! I'll be posting updates about how they are doing probably weekly or so.

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