Hanging out by the pool.

in photography •  7 months ago


I am here outside by the pool just trying the new app called Steepshot. I want to know if I did a good job with the photo. What do you think?Please up vote and comment below.

I am outside enjoying myself today after a screaming hot run in the S&P 500 index in the stock market. I called the bull run on my Instagram account and my Facebook account back in early August. I also called it in my YouTube channel as well. I am feeling very confident about my trading skills and my ability to make money by just trading.

If you want to offer me some advice on the stock market or the crypto currency market please comment below.

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The steepshot photo is great.
I would give as a tip:
Steemify ( to See what is happening in your account ) snd Partiko its posting like instagram really Easy.
Take your time you Will succeed blog your ass off!
Good luck


Thank you @brittandjosie I appreciate the comment. I do have Partiko but I do not have Steemify. I will check out Steemify. Do you like Partiko better than Steepshot?


You are very welcome John. Steemify you can Co trol your account quickly and if one off My followers comments I get a message that way I never miss a comment an can return the favour politely. I started with steepshot and now I use Partiko because it pays When you post via them


Hey, thanks for the useful information I appreciate it.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Posted via Partiko you making money already 😉

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