Sri Lanka Photographed - Touring Sri Lanka when we ended up treating a whole school to ice cream.

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Ice Cream for All

We needed to stop our bus somewhere for a lunch break as we were heading south of Sri Lanka. We found this sheltered space, asked permission, and enjoyed our lunch there. This was a Buddhist school property filled with kids running around ready to go home. Before leaving we stopped a tuk-tuk driving by selling ice cream! And how could you eat ice cream in front of all those kids.

So dad treated them all with ice cream! After all 30 rupees a cone! That's 25 cents!! Whole town is on us! 😂 It was a small school, but we did have about 40+ kids come, and even some parents! I did not get them all photographed, but only managed to capture the ones that were still hanging around just before we left. These kids definitely humbled me! They don't have much living in these areas, yet they still enjoyed every bit of what they had. I took a couple photos of them and I'm sure most of these kids have never had their photo taken as they crowed around the camera to take a look.



One little boy wrote down their mailing address in hope that they could get a few photographs sent to them 😭 Seeing them walk off waving back at us was a pretty cool feeling. I don't know how far they have to go but I hope their walk home that afternoon was a little more enjoyable :) Seeing their smiles was the greatest thing I got in return.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always thanks for stopping by!


All images were shot on the Canon 5D Mark IV with a 24-70mm f2.8L II

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As usual, great photos! Even though it was something small for you, it definitely made a big impact on those kids. You should definitely send them a few of your photos.


thank you man yes! And we did post the photos to those kids : )

Love this post and I would love to tour Sri Lanka one day.


Thank you!! Yes! you should definitely visit. It's such a beautiful place, after the civil war there has been such a big improvement. Its great to see the direction Sri Lanka is headed in terms of development. Still awesome to travel outside of the city into these parts.

The last photo is like the atmosphere in our place.

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I scream, you scream, we all want ice-cream :)
Thanks for sharing bud!

Looking so nice with school dresses. Thanks for the beautiful post.