Jodhpur Biological Park.... Great Park

in #photography7 years ago

The below are the image of Jodhpurs Biological park which is located at Jodhpur Rajasthan, india

Main Gate of Biological Park
Ticket Window
ticket window.jpg


Zoo Attractions is lion , tiger etc

The Tariff is has below (In Indian Rupees)
S.No. Tariff Type Tariff
1 General Public 30 /-
2 Foreigner 300 /-
3 Educational Group with ID Card 15 /-
4 Children Under 5 Years Free
5 Camera 80 /-
6 Video Camera 200 /-
7 Documentary Film 1000 /-
8 Feature Film 5000 /


That is beautiful!! Great pic!

thanks for your tariff information have nice day......

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