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While I was at the thrift store shopping for yarn for my crocheted slippers, I came across a swarm of people around some camera equipment. My first instinct was to pass it by because I saw that the camera equipment was not digital.


Once I was at the checkout counter, I saw a man with one of the cameras. I asked him what kind of camera he was planning to purchase and how much it cost. He told me that the camera was $9.99 and that he would get his senior discount which was an additional 30% off.


Well, I am a senior too so I got out of the checkout line and went back to inspect the cameras and other equipment. As best I could tell, from careful inspection, it appeared that they were all in working order with no moisture or dust inside the camera bodies.


I decided to take a gamble and purchase some of the cameras and lenses. My total cost was $38.50. I figured that surely I would be able to get one working camera that I was satisfied with out of the three that I purchased. I also purchased some lenses that screw on the camera body instead of the tabs that the Minolta camera requires.


I know that adapters are available, and I also have an older 35mm camera somewhere around my house that has screw on lenses.

I have already read three articles online that talk about how some photographers still use analog cameras as opposed to digital cameras. I have also found out that 35mm film is still available as well as film houses that produce photos.

I am excited about taking some quality pictures with my new cameras. I have been so inspired by pictures taken by Steammians such as @harkar and others on

Now I am not crazy. I know that it takes more than a camera in the hands of a novice to produce a good photograph. I have more time than money, so I am going to add learning photography to my list of hobbies.

Stay tuned to the latest adventures of @jluvs2fly. I can’t wait to add some quality photos from my travels instead of having to rely on my smart phone.


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Holy Moley!! That's an amazing find for very little money!! You can take some great pics or sell one to a collector!! Can't wait to see what you do with them! (^_^)

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I have a friend who still uses this type of camera and takes beautiful photos. You got a great deal @jluvs2fly.

Wow 😮 great find! thrift stores are the best. especially, finds in such great condition. one of my old band mates still uses 35mm and even searches for expired film on eBay for beautiful color effects. Have fun! 📸😎


Thanks. I checked out your blog and saw some amazing pictures. I’m following you for inspiration.