Shot by trail camera P 17

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

This time we have a look at material shot By Burrel trail camera between 29.8.2018 - 30.9.2018 at Southwest Finland. You can see wolves, deers raccoon dogs, wood grouse, rabbit etc.

Material is shot on two locations (transferred in them). First is a familiar location where those raccoon dogs very often sneaks at night time and lot of deers during day.

Other one is a summer place of some friends where you can see wolves, wood grouse, rabbits etc.

One wolf seems very interested in camera, and it appears it's sniffing camera.

I believe it's because there is some deer scent on it. Many times they have been sniffing it and rubbing their faces on it. Some times even getting it a bit different position.

Or at least I'm hoping they are much more interested on deers scent than mine. I've been jogging there some times before sauna, and might do it again some day, and I do not hope to get any "pace rushers" on those sauna runs.

Hope you enjoy this one.

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