Fun-filled day projects editing old photos, new/old projects and additional photos from the week

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Today, I decided to get to editing some photos I've been meaning to edit for nearly a year. Those who have followed me know that I love taking photos of wildlife. It is a passion project of mine. As I was looking over some of them, they were missing that extra something...that just know it when you see it. 

So I edited two photos in particular, taken OVER A YEAR AGO! Here are those photos, along with the specs:

With the first photo, I felt like the original color brought too much noise to the photo. I decided to wash it out a bit, give it a little more texture and felt like that was the best possible outcome for the final product. The second photo, too seemed too bright and colorful, so I wanted to add a little more dimension to it by making it b&w. By doing so, it really brings more focus to the crane in the foreground, while subtly masking the other crane in the background. It also adds a little more depth without the color.

I also finally finished a t-shirt project I had been meaning to get to for God knows how long. It was a basic rough outline for so long, but I finally finished it. I wanted to make it look like the old school magician playbills from the late 1800's and early 1900's. This is the finished product:

The final set of photos is from a recent trip to my favorite watering hole, Brew Hub. I thought that the sunset painted a beautiful landscape and shot, one I did not want to pass up. So here are two shots, allowing you to see the gradual change in the scenery. Truly mesmerizing. 

It is fun to have those creative juices flowing again. Sitting idle stops you from seeing all the beauty around and stops you from getting those passion projects you've been meaning to get done...done. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope all you steemians have a great one!