Florida Insect Macrophotography

in photography •  6 months ago

This morning, I decided to get out into nature and capture some photography shots of insects. Since the weather has been quite divine for the first time in a long time, the natural lighting was quite ideal for the shots.

The first set of shots is of an Asilidae, othewise known as a robber fly or an assassin fly. They are called that because they are known to be quite aggressive hunters, attacking other insects anywhere, including midflight. They feed on pretty much any type of insect (dragonflies, wasps, grasshoppers, etc), spiders and even their own species. Here are the first shots:

insect close.jpg

insect far.jpg

insect 3.jpg

The next set of shots are of an American Bird Grasshopper. The size of this grasshopper is actually quite impressive, for it appeared to be more than half the size of my palm. They are known to be the most destructive grasshopper for crops and plants in Florida.

hopper best.jpg

hopper 1.jpg

hopper 2.jpg

The next shot taken is of both an ant and a carpenter bee on a flower scavengering for food:


The next set of shots are of a Large Milkweed Bug. They are quite common in Florida, for the tropical weather is optimal for survival and for their reproduction, which occurs year around. They mainly feed on milkweed seed, but can eat a few other types of vegetation, if need be.

insect 1.jpg

insect 2.jpg

The last shot is of a small butterfly, resting it's wings in a cooler, shaded area.

butterfly 1-2.jpg

What an amazing morning spent in nature capturing macro shots of many of mother nature's insects.

One love,


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professional ph0tos

great pics this is different world

I loved your photos. I imagine that the resolution of your camera is very good. In love with nature. Congratulations

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You really have to have an extraordinary camera and good quality to take shots like these, all these photos are beautiful.

You really have to have an extraordinary camera and good quality to take shots like these, all these photos are beautiful.

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Waoooo. A very productive walk. Several interesting examples as for example the milkweed bugand and the butterfly resting. Fly as always fly.
The next crocodile please. jijijiji
Greetings and thanks for the article.

Great photos, thanks. I know it takes a lot of patience to get these shots. Depth of field gets tricky! Cheers.

awesome photography dear. Thanx for sharing

The milkweed bug shots were great! These photos make me miss home. I am originally from South Carolina and currently living in Arizona surrounded by nothing but desert. The two environments couldn't be anymore different lol.

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First 3 photos are 😱love the shallow depth of field❤️ Take a minute and check out my macro photos😜 i m shure, you will like them 🤘

Nature is so beautiful.

I think this post very helpful, and great pics

really nice photos :)

I see something beautiful in your post.
I'll be back to see more great posts.

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