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in #photography2 years ago

Good day to you all!

I bought my parent's dog a new toy and gave it to her over the weekend. She is often a dog that can be found chewing on tennis balls or other bouncy balls that squeak, but I wanted to give her something different. I gave her a plush-like llama I found at the pet store. As you can see, it seems as if she has taken a liking to it. I caught her snoozing with it, laying on it so nobody could steal it away from her.

Of course, she finally felt my presence and woke up. You can tell from her look that she does not seem happy to have been woken from her slumber.

Such a pretty girl!



Very nice photography and I really liked the pictures. The doll you bought was also very beautiful. Many thanks to you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.


Buenas noches @jgullinese. Muchas gracias por su apoyo amigo .

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