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Great Picture Love the saying! May I Resteem this? The saying goes nicely with my cross country trip story. And I wouldn't mind the reminder on blog feed.


of course! I'm glad you found a connection!


Cool, Thanks.

hey Sister!!! I just realized that I wasn't following you somehow, which was weird because you're like one of my favorite people on here !!! Anyway, how's life?

I'm always trying my best to stop and look into the face of my never really totally goes away entirely, but it does actually bring me a lot of joy I think, all of the ways I've grown and changed by it. Not that I can ever remember that when I'm freaking out about something....but hey!

big hugs and much love, also I feel like you might be somewhat into making food, I want to see what Jess loves to eat!!!

also I added you onto my Fanbase Vote, thanks for being you, keep doing your thing!!!


heyyy! nice to hear from you! I'm doing pretty well! lots of sunny days here in Mexico City now that the rainy season is ending.

though I wish it wasn't true sometimes, I LOVE PASTA. with some artichokes, capers, a white wine sauce, fresh tomatoes. I also made this incredible salad the other day which I might make again today because it was so good. italian greens, tomatoes, avocado, bleu cheese, and pear. and I make this amazing & simple dressing to go with it too. this time I might make it with beets instead of avocado though, just to change it up.

how are you???