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Over the years I have realized that one of the things I like most about traveling is the whole process of the road trip, the experience on the road to get to our destination.

To get to the beaches of the State of Aragua in Venezuela you usually have to pass through the Henri Pittier Park. It is named after the Swiss geographer who was a pioneer of the National Parks in Venezuela. I have never camped here, but it is a really beautiful way to get to the beach. Yes, they are complicated roads, with many curves but full of nature, fresh air and even fog at one of the highest points of the jorney.

It's a bit complex, because of the tightness of the road, to stop the car to take pictures, so I decided to free myself and take pictures from the window, with all the intention of capturing nature in movement and get pictures where I was not completely sure where and what I was seeing... just like facing the great immensity of this National Park.




It' s very common to find large vans full of tourists on the trip. Being the road so narrow can be a little scary, sometimes you have to stop the car so that the bus can pass, but all right, you just have to be very careful, I wanted to capture that moment and I think this picture, with only a part of the bus but still invades the whole picture can understand a little what I'm talking about ...

1-4 (1).jpg

Once you start to go down the mountain (that means you are closer to the beach), the speed increases, a little more light comes in and the photographs start to take another aspect, almost like watercolor paintings, that transform and give a lot of dynamism to the look when you see them.






The path becomes more leafy, the park opens up in itself and only lets us see flashes of light, mirages of a paradise that is coming, while it opens up small in front of our step escapes.




Until it opens up whole for us, in the curve of our surprise.


The truth is that I liked very much the result of these photographs, I had some time looking for the photography/painting, the abstract and it is surprising how nature always gives it because that abstraction is part of it, and it is a little bit my search: that it's also part of me, not to be afraid of the imperfect and to enjoy the experience of the absurd.

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