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Fruit Lada/Merica (Piper Albi Linn)

#### This one fruit in Indonesia is called by the name Lada/Merica.

Fruit Lada/Merica (Piper Albi Linn) I took this photo while I was in my friend's garden.

Photo of fruit Lada/Merica (Piper Albi Linn)


This small grain-shaped fruit is rich in chemicals (Lada/Merica oil, fatty oil and starch).

The taste of this fruit is slightly bitter, spicy, warm, and antipyretic.


The cultivation of this fruit in my opinion is very precise because the price is high enough and become one of the export material to abroad.

Original Photography by @jefryagooner
Camera - Oppo A37f


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Intersanto this fruit I have not seen anything like this before