Sheraton @ Panama - New Platinum Welcome gift

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Just like clockwork it is time for another visit at the Sheraton Grand Panama. This place just keeps on delivering. Today I checked in and I was again offered an upgrade to a suite (which is great for work space and you get not only one but two additional windows which provide ample of natural light.) Just the views of the Pacific Ocean are breath taking, I really love this deal. By now the gal at the front desk knows me pretty well, and now on to the "scary" part: After check in I walk to the elevator but my hands were busy so this other gal who also works at the hotel kindly holds the door for me, passes her proximity card and presses the floor my room is at after which she ask "Floor eight, correct?" My mind blown. To which she proceeds to great me by name and ask me how my week was. For someone with terrible memory such as myself, I am very impressed she remembers the rooms her guests are in :O

Desserts at the suite

But never mind their excellent memory and upgrade wow-ing. Today's picture of the day is of the Platinum Welcome gift I got. As you've seen from the previous pictures, you generally get some fruit and some really delicious cheese and bread. But today was different. For the first time I got some sweets! and do check them out!

Desserts overlooking outside

The first one down the list I don't know what it is but it is good. It is like a banana bread pudding but not. From what I can tell, the bottom part is made out of coconut, while moving up you get a layer of chocolate (chips?) and then you end up the final layer which has pieces of nuts. The very top is caramel with a strawberry on top of it. I guess the chocolate in between and the texture is what reminded me of a bread pudding which now I am craving.

Coconut flavored one

Moving down we have something that is probably closer to a french pudding (by now you are wondering if that is the only thing I have on my mind). Definitely a bread pudding of sorts, it has little pieces of raisins inside which make for a very delicious and not as over sweet as the previous one. It comes with a little piece of white chocolate which was really good and made it look that much better

Bread Pudding one

Third down the road (again you can tell I did not attend culinary school), we have something that looks like a flan. This time again we have decorative additions on the top made out of chocolate which add for both a delicious and visually appealing touches. Taste wise it was definitely a flan, a very good one at that. not too moist, just right.

The Flan

And last but not least, we've got the chocolate brownie! Let's see if I still do leave the best for last. Again, with something pink looking on the top that feels like light bread (but not quite cotton candy) that I can't figure out yet, this brownie has it all! (except ice cream and seconds). It has some sort of milk chocolate mouse that contrast with the darker chocolate used in the actual brownie. Accompanied by some nuts and chocolate chips, this brownie is texture and flavor rich! Can't call it the best as I am chocolate biased but definitively good like the rest.

The Brownie

And that my friends, is my dessert report of the day! I hope you liked the pictures and you didn't drool too much today. See you next time!

If you want to see the full size picture, picture details like aperture, camera, focal length, shutter speed or other pictures I’ve taken, you can go ahead and click the image which will take you to my website!

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Simple but elegant and beautiful I like it


couldn't agree more! They are very simple desserts but the presentation is elegant and gives is a very nice touch. Had to work a little on the backdrop but they turned out great!

Beautiful .. Creativity ''Sugar rush''
It seems delicious and well done on the pictures, thank you for the recipe
Great post..


Love what you did with the sugar pun!

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Pleasant that narration, I love those stories of kindness and recognition of good treatment towards people, especially if it is a tourist and of course ... if it's me!


I know, always nice when people make you feel welcomed.

Delicious and nice presentation.

Congratulations @jcbit!
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good a post....

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It's eating with your eyes

As most of people said: everything looks very delicious :)

These sweet dishes and cakes made look very rich yummy and tasty. They are also well presented and look clean. The photography is also somewhat world class showing clear cut images.


Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate you liked the picture. All the positive comments is what keeps me going!

Kueh is very tasty And suitable for menu breaking fast .... i will make it later ......

I like you post and photos

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my next destination will be Sheraton Grand Panama with exquisite food


Pretty good bang for your buck I would say. I must say all this experience is because I am a regular and SPG Platinum so your mileage may vary.

Majestic photograph congratulations

nice dessert,Iooks yummy : )

Wow wow wow..... > Your post is so yummy and mouthwatering. Love It :)


I tried... glad it worked!

your presentation is too good


Thank you for the kind comments. Positive and constructive feedback is always welcomed!

nice appearance.. sheraton hotel always have precious dessert

Hermosa presentación dan ganas de salir corriendo al Sheraton


Si, la verdad que les gusta dejar un buen sabor de boca

good to see delicious and charming also yummy

Wow, I really need to travel more,lol.


We all do...

how did friends my tea

those desserts look as cute as they are delicious


Yeah, they are pretty little and clever. But fear not, I've met a guy who does desserts and just you wait I think it is going to be serious yummy time! The decorations I've seen thus far are pretty neat. Stay tuned!

Wow if this does only tase half as good as it looks ... it is awesome :D


Honestly... they were good but I think they mass make them so they look better than they taste. But still good ^^

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