Hikaru @ Panama – Yakimeshi

in photography •  6 months ago

Hikaru @ Panama – Yakimeshi

Last night I went out for dinner and decided to try a highly rated Japanese restaurant. I should had read the reviews ahead of time as it seems the house speciality is ramen and I did not order that… but will do next time around. This time I got a Yakimeshi (as described on their website: “Además de ser un arroz nutritivo es muy delicioso, gracias a que se cocina a la plancha al estilo japonés, lleva verduras picadas, huevo y tocino.”) It was good although I feel the bacon was too greasy for me. Their chopstick holder was also really cool (you can take a glance at it behind the bowl). Took a solo picture of it but then I had the towel on the background so decided to take a new one next time I’m around and share.

If you want to see the full size picture or other pictures I’ve taken, you can go ahead and click the image which will take you to my website!

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