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How can these kids be so full of life and spirit? They aren't even real kids!

The artist behind these "Ready or Not" kids, Sal Pizarro, captured the fun and innocence of youth along San Jose, California's Guadalupe River Park.

I fell in love with these aluminum statues from the moment I first saw them, one by one, hiding behind poles and ducking aside of benches.

These 'kids' were also found at other locations throughout the park. Some were in awe of the planes flying overhead, in "Ready for Takeoff".

Others admired the views of the river, sporting nothing less than high fashion.

These works of public art bring the sense of childhood whimsy to everyone who passes by. Way to go, Sal Pizarro!

final maybe.jpg

All content and images by @jaymorebeet, taken on September 25, 2017 with a Canon 7D Mark II.


Yay! Those are really cute. Childhood captured, perhaps even immortalized. 😀

Happy Holidays @jaymorebeet! 😁

So true - so much fun and innocence! Happy Holidays to you too @arrlinn :)

These are very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks so much @eastcoaststeem! I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos!