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Grasshopper is an ordinary herbivorous insect we find on the grass or in the leaves of young leaves of plants in the garden ..


The amazing thing about grasshoppers is that locusts can jump about 18 times their own body length ..
The length of adult locusts is usually about 1 to 6 cm depending on species and types of locusts ..


If humans want to jump like grasshoppers then man must jump about about 38 meters ..
Actually the grasshopper does not really jump but the grasshopper uses the hind leg as its heavy weight driver ...


Grasshopper characteristics usually have large, colored eyes to blend in with their surroundings ..
Ordinary male rhizomes are brighter to captivate the opposite sex ..
If talking about the body shape of a normal female locust has a larger body size than a male ..
Locusts can be found almost all over the world except in cold regions such as polar regions..

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