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Dragonfly is probably a beautiful and interesting creature but we most of us do not know if dragonfly is actually a ferocious predator with amazing ability...
Dragonfly can intercept victims in the air, they are not hunting unless they intercept victims when flying with careful calculations ...


They also have a very sharp jaw also the ability of dragonfly in tearing prey spelled out very impressive ..
By having a spectacular flying capability the dragonfly can fly in any direction, even sideways, back and forth at the same point ..


With incredible eyesight the dragonfly has a nearly 360 degree viewing angle. Dragonflies can also live up to 2 years in the water, even in certain areas of dragonflies can live up to 6 years in water in the form of larvae. some species of dragonfly can also lay eggs in saltwater ..
This is interesting facts about dragonfly facts ..


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