The Old Stuff...

in photography •  4 months ago 

You can find lots of old and interesting stuff in the village... Just have to do some digging...:)...

IMG_0611 (2).JPG

IMG_0612 (2).JPG

IMG_0614 (2).JPG

Original photos by @jang
iPhone 8
Šiauliai, Lithuania

Enjoy and Be Safe Everyone!...:)...

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This looks really heavy .. i dont think that in this real world anyone would option to use it real time !! But looks solid !!

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Thank you...:)...

That's a really old stuff and they are all in the age of old invention/technology

woww... que interesante amigos eso sin son cosas antiguas, ojala algún día encuentra una morocota en el jardín de mi casa..... saludos amigo desde Venezuela me gusto tu Post..

I like the texture on the rust!

Wow. Fantastic photography year. Thanks for share

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it so beauty. I love its

Its a garte photo... I liked.

There's a lot of histories around those objects, nice shots.

What is the first one? An iron?

drawn by nature. great pictures :)