Few Ways to Sleep...

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IMG_0373 (2).JPG

My dog Bimas has his own way to find the best sleeping spots... and I don't blame him!...:)...



IMG_0357 (2).JPG

Original photos by @jang
iPhone 8
Šiauliai, Lithuania

Enjoy and Be Safe Everyone!...:)...

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Lovely dog!

Thank you...:)...

You've improves since last time but still going a bit overboard for what you are offering tbh.

Try to be honest about the value of your contribution.

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You're doing better but it's still hard to justify that extent of paid votes. I gave you an upvote as a courtesy and encouragement.

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That's Amazing!

I stopped to check out Bimas and found it so funny that he thinks his head hanging over the chair seat comfortable then I noticed the chair and table and realized they are just like mine. I should put my little Marshall dog on the chair and see if he thinks it's comfortable too! Cute.

Yes, try it....:)...

sweet dog my acquaintances have the same :) he really looks exactly the same


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Bid Bot much?? Kick back a bit on the bot votes. Be honest with yourself and with others. Uploading a few photos and writing a few sentences... $80 really??? Let’s be honest this didn’t take much effort at all and maybe took 2 minutes depending on internet speed. Ditch the overuse of bots and interact with the community and see what that gets you.
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sleepy boy... always finds its way to get nap

Looks comfy p

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