photography science and how to become a photographer. as well as my photographs

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How are you ?

friends all,
this time I will share photo of my work.

before I want to tell the history of photography. to hone more sharpen knowledge about photography.

this is a summary of my reading.

photography comes from the Greek word "photos": Light and "Grafo": Paint / write). can be interpreted photography is the process of painting / writing using light media.IMG_0035.JPG

in general photography means the process of producing images of an object by recording the reflection of light by using light sensitive media. the tool is a camera.

if you want to be a photographer then you must understand about iso, aperture, speed.

To generate the right light intensity in producing the image, used the aid of a measuring instrument in the form of a lightmeter. After getting the right lighting measure, a photographer can adjust the intensity of the light by changing the combination of ISO / ASA (ISO Speed), Diaphragm (Aperture), and Shutter Speed ​​(Speed). The combination of ISO, Diaphragm & Speed ​​is referred to as exposure.

that's a bit of photography from me. if you want to share knowledge please discuss below.


please follow me.!



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Amazing photos! Your photography is really good . Are you a photographer?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


already a few years ago. I wrestle in the field of photography.

Great photography @jandika amazing views

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