Product Shots — Luxury Watches & Jewellery

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So, I've never really done much product photography... in fact, I haven't really done any to speak of.

Just trying it on tonight for practice with the lighting, for fun.

Feedback appreciated!!

Very basic set up, one softbox and one paper reflector, on a polished wood surface.






This is a test!


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Photos and clocks are equally cool, I'm very interested.
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Wow.....excellent photography, beautiful post, thanks for sharing

Nice shots! I like the close in macro on the faces you did. I think when they pull out a bit they use focus stacking to make sure they get the whole thing sharp. Since DOF is so slim in true macro, hehe.

Nice detail in your photo's.
Can i use them for my cartoonizing artwork?

You can check my blog for exampleswhich i did on photo's from other Steemians.

Thank! Please do not use them, thanks for asking first.

No problem. I won't use them.
Still very nice though :-) You have an eye for detail.

Nice work! Shooting jewelry is tough. I used to do a lot of work for watches and it took us ages to master product shots. Eventually some were just CG...but they required sooo much attention to detail.

This was done on a whim tonight, just trying it out. If I end up doing more of these I'll need to do a little 'research' for best practices! I'm sure it's a lot of work, especially for high end brands.

There was a guy that we worked with sometimes in San Fran....that was all he did. His lighting rig was amazing. Little pin lights to do perfect glare and stuff. So much detail.

This is quality content or entertainment?

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Love these shots, especially the chain, great idea laying it out like a snake!

This is obviously a real photography that you capture.You photographic capability is so good. I expect you become a great photographer.
Thanks #jamtaylor.
@Resteem & follow has been done.

Lovely clean images, for me the third shot of the Omega tops the first one of the Tag because of the way the light falls on the watch face, in the third shot you've got some shadows which allow the viewer to see the dials and details that make the watch so covetable. The second shot works perfectly for this too, in film school they used to say that in editing we should start the shot 'as late as possible' and end the shot 'as early as possible'. Essentially the minimum required to tell the story or say what the shot needs to say. The third image is this in photography form!

Great job if you are not used to doing it! :-) Looks like you may have a few dust specks on the second one. Those defintely need to be removed in product photography. :-) Also on the first and third one, there is uneven light on the watch - needs to be even for product photography. :-)

nice detils :)

Hi @jamtaylor
I would say it was a successful attempt.
2 things just I like to say.
The Ring is on the left side a little bit overexposed.
You could try with 2 shoot and different exposure.
The other is the necklace which is a little bit dark.
Maybe other backround or longer exposure.
But I like the watches ... really nice, could be in catalog and a nice publicity.

Nicely done!! Crisp and clear, and presented well!

Well it looks good. Did you take the photos in a studio?

Nope, at home. One soft box which was borrowed