Christmas in Barbados! No Winters Here

in photography •  11 months ago


Went down to the East Coast over the weekend.

Taken from the balcony of a house... not a bad view, eh?! Literally on the beach.


East Coast is my favourite part of the island for 'getting away from it all'

This is taken right in front of the world famous surf spot — Soup Bowl. It was a bit choppy and windy that day, so there weren't many surfers out.

Images taken on a Samsung S8.

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Now that is the way Christmas should be!

Not shoveling snow and ice etc!

Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones.


I'd like to do a snowy Christmas some time (for the first time!) but yes, I tend to agree!!!

Same to you and yours.

Beautiful beach,nice post

Looks so inviting.
thinking I should start planning a vacation

Merry Christmas

Who could want to turn back their home and life after viewing around from this balcony..

What a magical view!! :)

Damn that looks amazing

Excellent Compositions.

Nice placement of the Palm Tree on Left Corner and using the Curve of the Beach nicely.

In the second shot I like the horizon split and clever use of plants in the foreground to balance the entire frame.

Wow, you are really talented! Beautiful pictures and I like your feed. I just followed you.

Happy new year.


Great shots! Very inspiring images. Keep up the good work!