Cane Toad By The Pond

in photography •  10 months ago

Just a quick one tonight.

I've recently switched from iPhone to Samsung and I'm quite liking the camera on the S8 to be honest.... I also like the price of the S8 over the iPhone 8+...

Here's a toad that I took a photo of this afternoon :)


What do you think about Samsung vs. iPhone? Especially as it relates to the camera. The Camera is probably the most important thing to me.

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I prefer Samsung as I can save attachment easily. We can also have access to many shows online. I have switched from iphone to Samsung for many years now.

I was a long time Samsung fan but ended up switching to iPhone and my first call out was that the camera wasn’t to my liking. Now I’ve gotten used to it but back then I felt like Samsung phones were great for people who want an awesome photo that requires less adjustments. I’ll have to test out my sister in laws phone and see how the phones are now.

That toad is adorable.

It's been years since I used an Iphone so cannot really compare them. However, that's a great shot of a Cane Toad for any phone camera.
Are the Cane Toads native there or introduced? They have taken over large parts of Australia since being introduced here.

Great shot! The camera is one of my priorities when choosing a phone too, my Nexus 5 is no longer new but it still holds up well. Android FTW too.


I gotta get me one of these fancy smartphones.

Samsung Has a better camera than iPhone for sure.

I have been using SamsungS6 for 2 years now.

The photos are good.

But here the S8 photo is even better.

Thank you.. I might upgrade to the S8 or maybe S9

Damn. The quality off phones these days. I'm still using a cheap old phone but when I look at images like this, it makes sense to spend a bit extra for the Galaxy S. Epic pic.