A Trip To The Trinidad Zoo

in photography •  last year

Today we took a stroll through the zoo!

Trinidad is an island just north of Venezuela (on clear days you might even be able to see Venezuela!)

I grew up coming here quite often, and I've been to the zoo several times but haven't been back for a visit in many years.
My favourites are the reptiles, of course.

I shot this image through a very cloudy glass aquarium, in the dark... Here is the original, if you'd like to see how I managed to salvage it.



You'll notice that I very often place the eye of my subjects very near to the centre of the frame because I like the feeling that it evokes and how draws you in. Sometimes beginners tend to do this without thinking, but I do it purposefully. You should use the rule of thirds to frame your images, which is more like a guide than a rule... I like to balance the image by placing the eyes/eye in the centre and then lining up the rest of the subject (or interesting parts of the subject) into the thirds. Have a look at it, and tell me if you can see the balance.







A happy little Peccary



I'll have plenty more photos coming soon, I'm sure!

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very good post and the picture is very clear I am very interested to see it

Wow beautiful photography . Waiting for more photo shots. God bless you.

Beautiful photos

wow this calling beautiful photography. i like this @jamtaylor

People are the main cause of the extinction of animals. The other causes are the derivations of human beings.
All living beings need absolutely no human beings to survive, but they need these creatures to tear the smallest cell so that they can survive. If habitat (animal's habitat) is destroyed, unplanned population increase, build-up, burning of forests, loss of wetlands, many kinds of extinction risk. No one can predict the bad consequences of the disappearance of a strand in the earth or locally. This will not happen in the near future. For example, if the housebird, who is disturbing us, suddenly ascends, it will take animal carcasses to all sides. Or I suppose owls do not exist; then the pressure on the field mice is lifted.

very good post and the picture is very clear I am very interested to see it

very interesting)

You're professional photographer. I like all photos this posted

Good post, but this zoo is way too small. It's disturbing to see the animals in such small enclosures whenever I visit.