Color Challenge by DRONE over Florida!

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

What better way to view the blue hue of the Earth than from the sky?

I haven't had much time to explore with my Mavic Pro lately, so here's several of my favorite blue-worthy shots for today's color challenge. These captures were taken in Orlando, New Smyrna, and St Petersburg Florida.

It's the most wonderful time of year down here in Florida, the everlasting heat has given us a few months to catch up on some of the nicest climate in the world.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope your day is filled with love & light.


Images captured on the DJI Mavic Pro in Central Florida


Great looking pictures , drones are becoming very popular in the photography world. Thanks mike

That's a fact, they are quite the technology!

Great photography!

wow awesome view nice post for #colorchallenge , this post resteemed by @shohana

Wow!!! Cool images i loved them very much😍😍😘. how beautiful this place is you just has created one more dream for me.Thanks for the post...😉

Love Florida!

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@jameslano wow nice post my friend i will follow you 💜

Thanks so much :)

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Appreciate that so much!

wow nice post..
thanks for sharing this....

Thanks so much!

Awesome.....these pictures are really eyecatching👍👍

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I appreciate that! Thanks

great photos! i love florida. :)

Thanks so much. Florida is amazing :)

Wow Amazing Nature And Place I Like Your Info.

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What a stunning views. Just Lovely.

Thanks! I enjoyed them myself :)

Wow, great idea! Really amazing view, totally perfect for a color challenge like this. I tend to remind myself how much Florida is really beautiful :) One of those destinations, that I would love to live at afterwards.
Cheers :)

Amazing shots. Drone shots are always mesmerizing! Good work pal.

Thanks so much, I love my drone!

Hello @jameslano, your photographs are really beautiful.I loved your work. I would like you to visit my post about today's challenge.

I appreciate that so much :)

Awesome work! Following.
I have to get me one of those.
Are you happy with your Mavic Pro?

Absolutely! I dont think there has been a single flight where I havent thought to myself how awesome the Mavic is

Amazing colors..wonderful @jameslano

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How beautiful! My whole family and I were in Florida for a Disney trip a few months ago. Its pretty there! We made a mistakes going there on the hottest week! And I might have passed out right before going on a ride because of the heat lol!


Lol!! 😂😂

Beautiful drone shots @jameslano! I like how you display lines in your pictures, which is key in a good drone shot. Great job!

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Enjoy your weekend

Thanks so much!

Amazing bro ....
Great post

Thanks fam!

Great pictures here. One can only appreciate nature more with this especially the last five pictures. I guess the cleanup has been completed.

Great shots, really need to think about getting a drone by myself!

Honestly, thank you for these photos! I wish I could go there!

Awesome just followed you I live here in South Florida on Ft Lauderdale Beach these I should get a drone. I like your ColorChallenge post 📷 here is my #colorchallenge post
Check it out

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