On The Set Of "Spacefarer"

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge

This was the very first movie I had ever taken behind the scenes #photographs for. I borrowed this camera from my then girlfriend, we have since broken up thankfully. I wish her all the best. I used some of the #vintage lenses lenses that I still used today such as a Jupiter 85mm and that might’ve been the only lens I used.
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It’s been so many years, it’s really hard to remember the #tools I used but I know for a fact that the 85mm Jupiter lens was used and maybe the Helios 58mm.
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Anyways I was hired initially to do the on set #sound recording and mixing for the #project and being that I’ve been doing sound mixing for years at that point I was more than comfortable with taking on the voluntary task of photographing the #film set.
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I can say with complete confidence I was able to do both tasks, or really three task, without a hiccup and without causing any problems on set and doing everything to the best of my ability with the job that I was paid to do.

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Overall the cast was amazing and very friendly. Actually looking at these photos do bring back a lot of #memories and #feelings.
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The crew was great especially the DP Marcin. He’s very skillful. I learned a lot from him just by watching him work. For example we were shooting in the daytime but Marcin was able to make the scene look like it was shot at night. This is something I’ve never seen done in camera before.
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This was one of the many getaway location film shoots I was invited on at the time. I’ve traveled as far south as Florida and as far west as Nebraska working in film and television had a wonderful time.
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That was a wonderful time in my life filled with lots of smoke and a lot of heartbreak but during that time I planted the seeds for the person I would become later. I would also begin developing the skills that I would continue honing today.
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I’m very thankful for the opportunity presented to me and I look forward to taking more behind the scenes footage as well as digging through the numerous hard drives I have and sharing some of my old work that may or may not have seen the light of day since their initial creation.

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